Our Journey

Purple wings with red female sympbol in the middle, text reads Girl Can't Help It The Female Journey

Anne Thow had the idea to start Girl Can’t Help It – The Female Journey first and foremost because she loves Journey. She also knows the power of what bad ass women can do when they bring their full selves and talent to the stage and how the audience responds. She’s seen it when she’s filled in on drums for other female tribute bands and wanted to build something of her own. When all that girl power is partnered with the timeless, melodic pop rock songs of Journey, you have a recipe for an unforgettable, electric, estrogen-fueled live music event.

Girl Can’t Help It started to come together when Anne reached out to guitarist Tina Watson. Tina said, “I’ve been a fan my whole life. These songs are in my DNA and Neal Schon writes the absolutely perfect solos for every song.” After their first rehearsal together when Tina nailed the solos in Any Way You Want It and Separate Ways, Anne knew she had found her guitar player. Next she locked in the keyboardist, Brittany Black, who instantly fell into place with her classical piano background and virtuosity. Obviously the singer is a key part of any Journey Tribute, and Mandy Misuna fit the bill perfectly with her powerhouse vocals. She came to one rehearsal and played a show two days later and killed it. Finding the right bass player was the final piece of the puzzle. When Shawna Vance walked in the door with her youthful energy and rocked the bass line to Stone in Love, our journey was complete.

Girl Can’t Help It is the only all female Journey Tribute band faithfully executing classic Journey songs we all know and love. Five women bring their world-class talent to the stage, fueled by their passion for performing and love of making music together. An evening spent with Girl Can’t Help It will make you feel like it’s 1982 all over again in all the best ways. Come rock the matriarchy with us. 


Meet The Band


Mandy Misuna is delighted to be a part of Girl Can’t Help It. She’s just a small town girl with a big, powerful voice hailing from a quiet mountain town in Colorado. She’s spent the last ten years honing her craft in the Coastal Virginia music scene, singing in various bands covering a variety of music from pop, rock, R&B, and beyond. Prior to that she spent many years doing musical theater. Some of her favorite credits include, “Godspell,” “Guys & Dolls,” & “Noises Off!” 

A consummate performer, Mandy is a chameleon who loves to disappear into characters and personas, which serves her well in this Journey Tribute. She puts a female spin on those classic looks Steve Perry made famous, and those tuxedo coattails have never looked so good. With her soaring, pitch-perfect vocals, she owns the stage with a commanding presence that will leave you wanting to send her all your love. 


Tina Watson was always attracted to the guitar. Whether it was the plastic one she asked for for her 4th birthday or her dad’s tennis racquet she used to mimic playing guitar, that fascination has persisted her whole life. At 11 she taught herself Beatles songs from a songbook. At 13 she played in an original band with people twice her age and started playing clubs in D.C. and Richmond.

She studied classical guitar, taught herself to play bass, ran with the few piano and voice lessons she had, and has picked up other instruments along the way like bouzouki and cello. Over the years she’s played in rock, pop, funk, and R&B bands. She’s opened for The Black Crowes, Blake Shelton, and more. She has also played and recorded with R&B artists from Universal Records and other major labels.

When she’s not sharing the stage with her Girl Can’t Help It bandmates, she teaches guitar and bass and writes and produces her own songs. She clearly fell stone in love with music.

woman playing a keyboard


Brittany Black is a talented pianist with a life long passion for music. Born and raised in southern Maryland, Brittany discovered her love for the keys at 4 years old.  As a pastor’s daughter and church pianist, her early influences came from southern gospel and hymns.  She received classical training throughout her school years and competed in many state and national level competitions.

When Brittany relocated to Hampton Roads in 2015, she became immersed in the vibrant music scene, performing at local open mic nights and showcasing her original arrangements of Top 40 favorites.  Her unique blend of pop, R&B, and classical quickly caught the attention of other musicians who invited her to join their bands.  She now plays with The People Collection and The Newport Grooves, both based out of Williamsburg.

Brittany’s musical journey is a testament to hard work, dedication, and the power of music to inspire and uplift. With her distinctive sound and undeniable skill, she has established herself as a force to be reckoned with in the world of music.



Shawna Vance realized early in life that simply listening to music wasn’t enough. She couldn’t help it. She needed more. Heavily influenced by her grandmother who is an incredible vocalist and professional singer, Shawna wanted to be a part of it, to learn everything she could. It became apparent music wasn’t just a phase. It is her life’s mission. Shawna is self-taught, but you’d never know it by the self-assured way she digs into each bass note, driving the songs forward. She stays steady as a metronome, even while filling the stage with her infectious energy.  

Born in Norfolk, Virginia and raised by a single mother and grandmother, she learned to prioritize hard work and dedication to get what you want and to do what has to be done. Specializing in bass and guitar, Shawna has played in many musical projects over the past few years, starting out playing in bands in high school. When she’s not holding down the bottom end in Girl Can’t Help It, she’s busy being a singer-songwriter and playing lead guitar for the band, Killer Feels.

woman playing guitar on stage


From worldwide recording studio work and television performances with legendary artists such as Glen Campbell and Ricky Skaggs, Anne Thow has shared the stage with and opened for great musical acts like Toto, Foghat, Jefferson Starship, Brooks and Dunn, The Romantics, Kansas, and many more.

Born and raised in Long Island, New York she got her start in drum corps and marching band. Once she got behind a kit, she never looked back. She also plays bass and guitar, and has produced and played in several large stage productions, such as performing Pink Floyd’s The Wall synched to the movie.

She now brings her powerful and versatile drumming techniques to Girl Can’t Help It – The Female JOURNEY, rounding out this sensational collection of female musicians.