Mandy Misuna

Lead Vocals


Mandy Misuna is delighted to be a part of Girl Can’t Help It. She’s just a small town girl with a big, powerful voice hailing from a quiet mountain town in Colorado. She’s spent the last ten years honing her craft in the Coastal Virginia music scene, singing in various bands covering a variety of music from pop, rock, R&B, and beyond. Prior to that she spent many years doing musical theater. Some of her favorite credits include, “Godspell,” “Guys & Dolls,” & “Noises Off!” 

A consummate performer, Mandy is a chameleon who loves to disappear into characters and personas, which serves her well in this Journey Tribute. She puts a female spin on those classic looks Steve Perry made famous, and those tuxedo coattails have never looked so good. With her soaring, pitch-perfect vocals, she owns the stage with a commanding presence that will leave you wanting to send her all your love.