woman playing guitar on stage
Bass & Vocals


Shawna Vance realized early in life that simply listening to music wasn’t enough. She couldn’t help it. She needed more. Heavily influenced by her grandmother who is an incredible vocalist and professional singer, Shawna wanted to be a part of it, to learn everything she could. It became apparent music wasn’t just a phase. It is her life’s mission. Shawna is self-taught, but you’d never know it by the self-assured way she digs into each bass note, driving the songs forward. She stays steady as a metronome, even while filling the stage with her infectious energy.  

Born in Norfolk, Virginia and raised by a single mother and grandmother, she learned to prioritize hard work and dedication to get what you want and to do what has to be done. Specializing in bass and guitar, Shawna has played in many musical projects over the past few years, starting out playing in bands in high school. When she’s not holding down the bottom end in Girl Can’t Help It, she’s busy being a singer-songwriter and playing lead guitar for the band, Killer Feels.